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We're bringin' it home

Pat Kalaboke has an unrivaled passion which has helped him progress from a delivery driver up the ranks to franchise owner. Getting his pizza start with local staple, Mark's Pizzeria, Pat worked tirelessly to learn the business, proving himself at every level until he became a leader who helped expand Mark's well beyond the region. Dedicated to the philosophy of "Bringing It Home" Pat has branched off in his own venture, taking the knowledge he gained from years of hard work to create his own legacy in the Finger Lakes region that was so vital in supporting him for so long. Through his passion and leadership, Pat hopes to serve not only the wonderful customers who love his food, but also the talented, friendly staff members who work so hard to keep them coming back.


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Pat's Picks List

The Duo-Dozen (6 Boneless & 6 Jumbo Wings)  •  8pc Cinnamon Knots  •  Big Dessert Fried Dough • Boneless (1/2lb or 1 Pound)  •  Fingers (1/2lb or 1 Pound)  •  Stromboli  •  12pc Fried Ravioli • Garlic Parm Bites • Family Style Salad  •  10pc Garlic Knot